Superior quality

Our Quality Assurance

The STIN reputation rests on the quality of the furniture we produce, and we take that very seriously. We run two distinct quality control checkpoints within our supply chain so you can trust that each piece you purchase is stylish, safe, and serves its purpose.



Our fabrics and upholstery reflect the refined taste you expect from STIN, using exquisite materials such as Italian leather or New Zealand cashmere.

Sewing in our factories requires such precision and attention to detail that it takes a full day to complete.


We look to the original furniture designs and match wood type and style specifications from our carefully controlled forests whenever possible.


We use the most up-to-date guidelines to produce our fiberglass and plastic products. During the manufacturing process, they are dyed vibrant, long-lasting colours.


Each STIN piece arrives with a maintenance manual so you can take the best care of your piece. Our high quality materials and production methods deserve the best love and attention after purchase.

Care for your designs

Packaging and Shipping

Our attention to detail doesn’t end at the warehouse. We carefully pack each item and ship in rigid cardboard or wood. When it is time for your order to head to you, we’ll look it over one more time before securely boxing it to ship out.