July 15, 2018

Arne Jacobson inspired the simplistic design for the modern house chair

by stin

Created and designed by Arne Jacobson the 7 series chair has a unique style and look to it. The chair was first introduced in 1955 and cashmere is the material which went behind its making. You can have the 7 series chair in laminated plywood or fully upholstered totally depending on your convenience and idea of style. One of the highest selling sleek chairs the 7 series is quite lightweight and easy to stack one over the other. Initially, the designer brought about this chair to explore the impact of laminated plywood and ensure its success. However, the design became immensely popular and led to the development of more such designs in the same material. Available in different colors the 7 series chair gives you a chance to experiment and introduce innovation in your home. The new handmade plywood reproduction of the chair makes sure that the original durability and strength is retained in the new version.