January 24, 2018

Avail Contemporary Elegance through a Scimitar Table

by stin

Looking to avail a table that would give a stunning turn to your entire interior? Scimitar table is exclusively made with smooth curves and a sturdy metal frame providing a perfect blend of functionality and durability. It has a very simplistic and modern contemporary design. It’s amazing and twisted elliptical legs joined with the chamfered underside of the top provides this worthwhile table with a minimalist look. It is ideally suited for the places which you want to look astonishing.

Moreover, Scimitar Table can set at 43cm from the ground and very suitable for the offices, drawing rooms, conference rooms, living rooms, and other areas you want to show special. Basically, it is available in three options white, walnut, and ash and has comfortable seating for 6 people. You can choose its 2 different legs with polished chrome or white gloss finish option.