September 11, 2018

Beautify your home with Sori Yanagi’s Stools

by stin

You keep finding the things in our house that can use for multi-purposes. Inspired by the Sori Yanagi’s designs, offers some collection of stools known as Elephant Stool and Bent Butterfly Stool that will offer a cozy sitting and captivating décor.

Sori Yanagi's Elephant Stool offers Japanese tradition and western design principles to amazing effect while the Bent Butterfly Stool brings the beauty and tranquility of the East straight into your home.

Both of his collection is lightweight, durable, classic, and beautiful décor. Moreover, the bent butterfly stool offers a classic and captivating look while Elephant stool gives the stackable feature as well.

Both available in different colors that will help you to choose as per your interiors.

  • One of Sori Yanagi's most classic industrial designs
  • Unique curved symmetry aids storage and comfortable sitting

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