June 24, 2021

Buy Bellevue AJ Floor Lamp Online

by stin

Typically, the Bellevue AJ Floor Lamp is a staggering symbol; a powder-covered monochrome magnum opus that occupies any space with light or can be coordinated on its amazing swan neck. Jacobsen would reuse the awry shade for his most celebrated light numerous years after the fact, yet Bellevue's straightforward effortlessness and proficiency have the right to be considered close by his most noteworthy plans.

Bellevue AJ Floor Lamp is an iconic design composing of a minimal sleek look, this elegant piece looks modern and stylish. If you need a comfortable and warm space wherein you can unwind and invest your recreation energy, this light would be your ideal friend. Bellevue AJ floor lamp is Arne Jacobsen's first lamp design which is also available in wall, floor, or table versions. With a minimalistic approach, it is a perfect balance of form and function. It is made up of metal material having a volume of 0.1699 kg. With a simple, sleek, and aesthetic design it’s a perfect addition to your space. Experience the best lighting with Bellevue AJ Floor Lamp from www.stin.com.