April 14, 2021

Buy GUERIDON Table Online

by stin

A round dining table introduced in 1950, Gueridon Table is one of the popular dining tables ever created. The design of this table is inspired by Jean Prouvé's 1950 masterpiece, the Guéridon Table. At Stin, you can avail this wonderful chair in a natural wood finish that gives it its unique appearance. With its Iconic Tripod Design, this table becomes the home décor and well a comfortable furniture item for your dining hall. It stands 73cm off the ground. If you love a minimalistic approach, make sure you have this table at your place.

The table comes with a natural wood finish and that makes it suitable for all kinds of chairs you might want to keep. With a circumference of 120cm, Guéridon Table is perfect for four diners. Its eye-catching tripod wooden legs and amazing architectural finish make it a statement product. Keeping this table at your place would not just an aesthetic value but would also make your room look much more lively and luxurious. The structure of this table is specially designed for furniture admirers who love keeping innovative and unique furniture products crafted with the right combination of creativity and love.