August 13, 2021

Buy Stin Risom Side Chair Online

by stin

The Jens Risom Side Chair is a victory of structure and straightforwardness, expertly molded to amplify solace, while likewise staying practical with space. First delivered in 1943, at the tallness of the Second World War, the smoothed out bends and smooth straight line make it an unquestionable piece of Scandinavian Modernism. The back and seat are produced using the gentlest texture accessible, which is available in black and white color, while the wooden casing is accessible with a scope of completions.

Decorate your space with our Risom Side Chair, you can add a distinct look to your home with a celebrated design. It is a perfect style for anybody who craves a Scandinavian take on mid-century modern. These lounge chairs demonstrate a fantastic merge between influences. This replica uses mesh material straps for an embracing yet sturdy feel.

Shop at and add this iconic piece to your home or space. STIN offers 10 years guarantee on every product with High-quality materials.