May 7, 2021

Buy Swan Table Online

by stin

Add a minimalistic approach to your home by having this Swan Table. Originally designed by Jacobsen, in 1968, Swan Table has been making people happy with its beautiful, elegant, and simple design. At Stin, we manufacture Stan Tables inspired by Jacobsen with the best quality of material that makes these tables a lifelong companion. Swan Table features aluminum legs that aren't adding a strong base to this table, but also adds an aesthetic value to the whole unit. Standing 74.5 cm tall off the ground and with 60cm width, this table is perfect for a cup of tea/coffee or newspaper break. Keep it in your rooms or your garden, this table would offer you the same vibes every time.

You can pair up this table with Swan or Egg Chairs to complete the look. At Stin, we only manufacture Swan Tables that are made from the best quality and perfect circle of wood that comes in hand-painted black or walnut finish. With its universal approach, you can use this table as a complement to any furniture product kept at your house. But this table today and make it a valuable part of your house décor classic collection.