December 9, 2021

Chandelier PH 3/2 Academy - Dazzling Lamp

by stin

Chandeliers can be your choice for residential or commercial lighting if you are looking for a glare-free light with asymmetrical distribution. It is one of Denmark's timeless designs and a member of the PH3 color family. The lamp shines independently and reflects light from the bottom of the frosted glass. The lamp has elements with shading so the brightness is constantly decreasing. The chandelier consists of three lamp bodies, one with a diameter of 30 cm at the top and two smaller ones at the bottom. The purpose of this architectural lamp design is to create a non-stick lamp coating that produces a soft shadow. The design of the lamp is based on a logarithmic spiral, where the center of the light source is placed at the focal point of the spiral to create a soft and gentle free light that will protect your eyes.