March 12, 2021

Charles Eames DSW Chair

by stin

The Charles Eames DSW Chair has impressed the users since 1948. These chairs are the first industrially manufactured plastic chair. If you share you love plastic furniture items, then this is the best product you must have in your living area. With its unique and never-before-seen design, this chair has been making rounds in the furniture industry. The Eiffel Tower-like legs of this chair add up to its glory thereby giving it a strong and designer base. You get to choose between wood and steel Eiffel Legs before purchasing this amazing chair for your lovely home. At Stin, you get the best quality of Eames DSW Chairs that are available in different colors that work perfectly as a house décor product.

The seat of the chair is made from the best quality fiberglass, and has been molded to the shape of the body to offer maximum comfort for hours. DSW chairs have a different set of features and their name suggests the same. The abbreviation, DSW, stands for Dining chair, Side chair with a Wood base. With these features, you can keep this chair at any corner of your house and make it happening and lively once again.