November 18, 2021

DSR Table, Perfect For Dining

by stin

The Eames DSR table was designed and inspired by Charles Eames. The Eames DSR table appears to have the satellites at the very bottom. Usually, they are available in the market in a variety of brilliant bright colors and can also be combined with any décor in any given room. They are also inspired by the DSR chairs which have chrome-plated legs with a cross pattern. The Eames DSR table legs are made of stainless steel legs and look like DSR chairs. The Eames DSR table is made of a strong material such as wood, which provides a long product life. The DSR Eames table is a classic table that can be combined with a DSR chair. It is ideal for every dining room and kitchen. They give the room an attractive and unique look. They are also used in swivel rooms and in instrument practice.