February 5, 2019

Ea124 Lounge Chair - The Premium Furniture Design to Cater Comfort

by stin

The lounge chairs are great expectations regarding service. They are typically bigger than regular chairs and are made of leather or fabric. They can be positioned everywhere in the house; study room, in the living room, bedroom. Consequently, they are full of utilities and a perfect combination of sophistication and luxury with an eternal styling.

EA124 Lounge Chair is one of the premium furniture designs of the last century. It is standing out for its smart combination of materials. It has a four leg great swivel base in addition to a tilt feature. The frame and armrests are successfully made from aluminum and the covers are greatly attached inside the profile sections and extended over the frame, making them from simple covers to strong load-bearing parts of the structure. The EA124 Lounge Chair is designed to fit the body cozily and gives immense comfort even without too much upholstery. It comes in a variety or high-quality leather upholstery finishes.