March 13, 2019

Eames House Bird- Take Interior Decoration To The Next Level

by stin

If you want your house to be complete, then you must add this beautiful Eames House Bird in your home. This house bird remained in the house of Charles and Ray Eames for around 50 years enhancing the interiors of their home. This masterpiece was acquired during their travels when they visited the Appalachian mountain region of the eastern United States.

  • Eames House Bird is inspired by American folk art
  • It is made from solid wood
  • Available in black and white colour
  • Sculpted for perfection

Bring in the symbol of peace and friendship in the form of the Eames House bird. This elegant piece was with Charles and Ray Eames for more than 50 years. Our Eames House bird is exactly the identical piece to the origin. It is made from wood and is available in two colours- back and white.

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