March 22, 2021

FK 90 Table

by stin

If one is looking for a statement piece of table that will serve the purpose and will elegant at the same time, FK 90 Table by Stin is the table for you. The table is the perfect blend between crisp glass and smooth steel – it serves perfectly for the purpose of entertaining.

At Stin, we use stainless steel to make the product give you the best experience with this table. The table sits at the height of just 37cm, which allows it to slip perfectly into any domestic or business setting. Our FK 90 Table is Fabricius, and Kastholm-inspired is a victory of simplicity and perfection.

The table has been built using the best quality materials making the table a real statement piece of furniture in any room. We made sure not to overcomplicate the design so that the table does not dominate the space that it is being placed in. The table consists of four sturdy legs with a thick solid table-top offering effortless styles at a great price.

The FK 90 Table was first released in 1973 and was initially interned to be the perfect accompanying piece for their FK 6720 series. They wished to further accentuate the bright, airy quality of their sofas and armchairs by producing a coffee table that was both transparent and reflective.

This would allow even more light to circulate through space, much like their previous work had with its tall legs and steel use. The resulting table was a sturdy, sleek, and beautiful piece.