January 16, 2018

Florence Knoll Style Armchair - Relax After Hectic Day

by stin

The Florence Knoll style armchair is a design inspired by American mid-century modern design and brings that classy look to space where it is placed. Featured with the cushion arms wide seating gives you maximum comfort. You will be stunned with the extravagant looks of the armchair which is available in wide range of colors to complement your office or home furniture. The armchair rests on the wooden frame making it suitable for both carpet and hard floor. The deep cushion in the armchair is aimed at providing you good relaxation after a hectic office day.  Whether you are planning for seating in the office lounge or home, Florence Knoll style armchair have you covered. This arm chair can be a perfect choice for reading corner too.   The elegant armchair design can be a perfect blend of both vintage and contemporary furniture designs.