September 13, 2021

George Nelson Bubble Lamp Crisscross Pear

by stin

Part of the Nelson Bubble Lamp series, the Nelson Pear Bubble Pendant has a pear shape that flares towards the middle, with intersecting lines in the understructure that emphasize its curves. George Nelson originally planned the Bubble Lamp series in 1952. He was roused by a bunch of silk-covered Swedish hanging lights.

An iconic George Nelson design, the Nelson Bubble Lamps bring warmth to any space and corner with their various spherical shapes. With their steel frameworks and clear plastic-polymer conceal, George Nelson's Bubble Lamps join creativity with material development. Each gives a warm, inviting shine.

The Crisscross pear adds an underlying polish to the exemplary Nelson bubble light shape. Unobtrusive shadows highlight the inner steel outline which gives the light its particular crisscross plan. it provides soft, glowing light and has a Translucent plastic polymer shade with visible steel infrastructure, offering an Organic shape.