July 29, 2018

George Nelson’ perfect creation the sleek cigar lamp for adding an aura to your home

by stin

George Nelson is the designer who created this sleek looking lamp first in the year 1947. The material used for making the cigar lamp is silk and it can be found in a pristine white colour. Available in small and medium sizes you can easily choose one as per your requirement. The cigar lamp has been provided with a brushed nickel canopy and it also has 6 feet of cord so that you can suspend the lamp from a height. Metal framework of the cigar lamp is covered with a special material which ensures that there is minimum glare coming from the lamp. However, it also ensures that the lamp produces sufficient light to act as a reliable lighting source. The shape of the cigar lamp is rather unique and fits well into any kind of set up. With a subdued and warm light, the cigar lamp adds an aura to the room which otherwise is difficult to get.