May 6, 2018

Hans Wegner inspired chair with hand weaved comfortable seat for ultimate comfort

by stin

The Hans Wegner Y chair was pioneered and created by Danish designer Hans Wegner. Articulately crafted the chair can be found on different materials like quality oak, maple, beech or walnut. You can match the chair well with the décor of your room all thanks to the many colours in which it is found. The seat used is hand woven and made to provide you comfort while sitting. Carved using fine quality woods you can either have the chair painted or use natural wood looks to add up to the glamour. If you want a rustic look then you can the wood option. In case of painted acrylic paint is used and a protective layering is applied. This is done to ensure the longevity of the chair all this while maintaining the good looks of the chair. The hand-woven seat is made using 100 meters of paper cord and is strong enough to last a long time.