October 17, 2018

Must have an Eero Aarnio inspired Ball Chair

by stin

It is a challenge you have not looked at the Ball chair offered at the Stin.com. It looks like a ball but in actually it is a cozy and sophisticated chair. For children, it is a unique and ever-liking piece of furniture. It is designed with shiny plastic with soft cashmere that endows the children to sit or play with it for a longer time. As per its specification, it is just 1 meter in diameter and has white chasing and superior material.

  • Designed by inspiring the design of Eero Aarnio
  • Made with durable and shiny material
  • Designed by adding Fiberglass shell and luxury cashmere interior
  • Perfect to place in garden area or balcony

To purchasing this amazing design of Eero Aarnio Ball Chair, kindly access the official portal of www.www.stin.com where you can get the good discount as well.