September 27, 2022

PH wall lamp create a soft, warm illumination.

by stin

This beautiful piece of wall mounted PH wall lamp draws attention towards it. It is eye captivating product by Stin that allures viewers through soothing brightness it provides. It has a charming appeal and is an elegant unit for adding to your home decor. High in efficiency and classy look make a perfect combination as a home product. Made with highly durable metal and attached to the wall by a chromed stainless steel stem and base, it is long lasting. Available in aluminum, black or gold color finishing, customers can make a choice of their own matching their room ambience. It has been smoothly designed in such a way that the opal glass has been hand-blown into three petal-shaped layers, each one smaller than the first. It gives an ideal charm to the whole piece.

PH stands for Paul Henningsen who is known to be the world’s first lightning architect.