January 8, 2018

PH5 Floor Lamp Adds Great Ambiance to Room

by stin

The PH5 floor lamp is a perfect choice if you are looking for glares free light. PH5 lamps have become choice of the Denmark homes today. The lamp is designed in the concept of reflective shade system with the aim of directing the light downside to prevent glare.  The fixture of PH5 light emits both downward and later light and illuminates itself with two different reflector colors red and blue to give light get a warm quality.  The lights are available in versatile design emitting symmetric light distributions of light in the area of installation. These lights are known to bring great ambiance to the room irrespective of their place of installation and are suitable for repetitive installations too. They can be designed icon bringing special attention to the area of installation and are available in shade made from spun and aluminum. It can be used in any room singularly or a row of lights to add more light.