May 8, 2021

PK63 Coffee Table

by stin

Have you ever fantasized about having a furniture product completely made out of marble? Well, PK63 is just the perfect product for you. An original design of Poul Kjærholm’s PK63 coffee table, this table is one of the best tables every created. With its steel legs and a shiny white marble top, this table adds an aesthetic value to your living room and gives it a sleek and refined look. This is the perfect furniture product you can flaunt in front of your family and friends in any occasion.

Poul created various beautiful furniture products and most those products are recreated at Stin. We believe in creating the best designed by the best. With a wide range of products inspired by the same designer, we aim at giving a new life to your house. Originally, PK63 coffee table was designed to match PK31 sofa, however, It looks make it a perfect product that can be placed anywhere. STIN is renowned for offering high-quality products with ten years guarantee and has a family of 3000000+ happy customers. Visit our website to see or know more about our sofas.