March 25, 2021

Scimitar Table

by stin

Who doesn’t like their house to look posh and perfect? If you are keen on decorating your house, make sure to purchase a Scimitar Table. The Scimitar Table is one of the most timeless and essential products. It has a beautiful elliptical profile of legs, combined with a chamfered underside of the top.

The Scimitar Table is a Fabricius, and Kastholm inspired product. The product derived its name FK Scimitar from the sweeping blades used by farmers to chop down crops. The design of the Scimitar Table dates back to the year 1964. It is a stylish blend of glass and steel and a perfect product to be kept in the dining space or even in the drawing-room or in any office environment.

The FK Scimitar Table is one of the first products to present a feature of curved glass and steel, making an impactful silhouette to attract the customers and allowing light to pass through it to give it an airy kind of ambiance. This Scandinavian-style stainless steel table has a sturdy metal framework set at 43cm from the ground with a diameter of 120cm.

Mid-century Scandinavian style furniture forms the best interior designs. Stin is the perfect place to visit if you want to give your house or office a taste of the Scandinavian culture. You can also purchase the Charlotten borg lamp or the Barcelona Sofa to make your home ambiance more comfortable.