June 4, 2021


by stin

Enjoy the blend of aesthetic and comfort with our Hans J. Wegner inspired Y Chair (CH24), Handcrafted in mid-century icon from 1949. Transform your room with nature-connected interior design and uplift the mood of a room or entire house, creating a homely, welcoming ambiance.

The Y Chair is cut from fine quality woods. Either beech, maple, walnut, or oak. The benefits of wooden furniture in the home couldn't possibly be more significant. In particular, wood offers an interesting mix of stylish allure and peerless structural integrity that different materials can't reflect Y-Chair (CH24) wonderfully recreates the remarkable wishbone state of the first. It will enhance your room's aesthetics and make it look nothing short of a cozy little wonder.

Available in various hand-painted acrylic colors, you have the choice of keeping it characteristic wood or having the Y Chair painted. If you decide on a rural, regular look, we'll use oil to treat and ensure the quality of wood. We use hand-painted with acrylic paint, which is fixed with a defensive covering. This guarantees the seats look alluring, yet they are additionally solid and dependable. At last, the Y Chair is finished with a hand-woven paper cord seat, produced using more than 100 meters of paper line.

You may use the comfortable design of our Hans J. Wegner inspired Y Chair (CH24) while relaxing, reading a book, or sitting and enjoying your coffee outdoors. Stin.com offers a wide variety of quality products with 10 years of guarantee.