June 5, 2021

Shop Kartell Componibili Online

by stin

Plastic storage containers are the best item to store and organize your stuff. These containers come in different sizes so they can be stored in corners or on high shelves utilizing every inch of your storage space.

Our Kartell componibili is a stylish round storage unit, Designed in 1969 by Anna Castelli Ferrieri. It is a perfect blend of functionality, practicality, and understated beauty. Utilizing astute space-saving sliding doors which permit them to fit easily into any kitchen, lounge room, or even washroom setting, they are the ideal stockpiling unit for practically any background. With finish accessible in dark, white, and silver, you can discover an Anna Castelli Ferrieri Componibili 1 round to accommodate your color preference. With its sleek and aesthetic look, it will look beautiful in any corner of the room.

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