June 6, 2021

Shop Laccio Coffee Table Online

by stin

A stylish coffee table can sparkle up your living room. They help add interest to your rooms and make them more delightful and pleasing. Our Marcel Breuer Style-inspired Laccio Coffee Table does the same, it adds aesthetic and compliment to your room.

Available in white or black, The Marcel Breuer style Laccio coffee table was considered as a furniture ally to his famous Marcel Breuer style Wassily Chair and both offer a refined and basic clean line. It serves as a perfect side table for the iconic Marcel Breuer style Wassily Chair. Made with high-quality wood, having volume ( 0.43)kg and height (37 cm) it fits well in every space and corner of the room. You can easily move this lightweight table and enjoy your cup of coffee with a relaxing mind. It would be a perfect standout piece of furniture in your room.

The chic Laccio Coffee Table is simple and minimal in look. Decorating your space with this statement furniture piece will add minimal aesthetics to your room with a blend of a clean and sleek look.

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