June 16, 2021

Shop The Swan Chair Online

by stin

Inspired by Arne Jacobsen our swan chair is a timeless design from 1958. It is unique. The structure provides you with the best comfort. Available with or without Piping, you can choose your type. Choose between your favorite leather type- cashmere, classic, and premium leather. It is also inspired by nature like The Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair and The Arne Jacobsen Ant Chair.

You can also pair up this swan chair to Matching Arne Jacobsen Swan Sofa and Arne Jacobsen Swan Table in your home space for a minimal clean look. Available in 8 different colors to fit every interior décor. It is a partly assembled piece of furniture but can be easily assembled by attaching the base to the chair - 1 person needed.

You may use the comfortable design of our swan chair while relaxing, reading a book, or sitting and enjoying your coffee. Stin.com offers a wide variety of quality products with 10 years of guarantee. STIN believes in serving quality products and commits to using high-quality materials. Shop now at www.stin.com and transform your dull space into a beautiful space.