April 17, 2021

STIN Blue Block Clock

by stin

The STIN.com version of the classic 1947 original of George Nelson's Blue Block Clock is a stylish addition to any space or room. Almost 150 clocks that George Nelson's designed throughout his shimmering career, the Blue Block Clock, is too often overlooked thanks to the popularity of the Ball, Turbine and Sunburst Clocks.

This George Nelson Clock Consists of 12 excellent blue blocks, which make telling the time totally effortless; along with a clean, crisp white face, the clock is both simple and stunning in equal measure. And with its three-dimensional black hands, you can hang it almost anywhere and still be able to tell the time perfectly. The STIN's Blue Block Clock is indeed a 20th Century design classic.

Inspired by the Atomic Art movement of 1940s America, the Blue Block combined a series of geometric shapes and patterns to create an almost optical deception. This shape is both angular and arched at the same time. Having a volume of 0.0147 kg and dimension 35x35x12 cm, the blue block clock adds soft, fresh colour to space and is the perfect accessory to add a final flourish to a room. With ten years of guarantee provided on every product of STIN and more than 300000+ happy customers, you can trust us to give quality products and classic designs for decades.