April 18, 2021

STIN Bubble Lamp Crisscross Pear

by stin

STIN Bubble Lamp Crisscross Pear by George Nelson has an unusual shape that makes it so desirable and charming. From a careful manipulation of steel wires, the distinctive shape is crafted and then sheathed using a special plastic polymer.

Originally inspired by the type of materials and the technology used by the US Army in World War II. This inspired George Nelson, who was considered one of the prominent designers and got the idea to construct the crisscross pear lamp. The STIN Bubble Lamp Crisscross Pear made aluminium makes the lamp extremely rugged and robust.

The STIN Bubble Lamp comes in a white silk material shed, with an aluminium stand, and the overall dimension of the STIN Bubble Lamp is Volume m3: 0.065 kg, Width: 33 cm, Height: 31.8 cm, and Depth: 33 cm.

When the STIN Bubble Lamp is illuminated, it retains the white colour and emits a diffuse light that creates a warm glow and relaxing ambience. Book our extraordinarily unique and attractive bubble lamp from www.stin.com to add authenticity and life to your room.

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