July 9, 2021

Stin George Nelson Side Table Online For Sale

by stin

Made to precisely the same particulars as the first, our George Nelson-inspired Side Table is an exemplary illustration of a minimalist, useful American plan with a hint of architectural panache. Its smooth white tabletop permits it matches practically any interior and color, while the steady aluminum focal segment permits you to put it anyplace in a complete certainty.

The Nelson Side Table (1954) draws upon its planner's trademarks: effortlessness, clean lines, and structures that feature the magnificence of the materials utilized. This adaptable piece, which involved a top with a cover or wood facade mounted upon a sculptural metal base, is prepared to serve numerous ways, from the nightstand to the bistro table to the meeting table. Our STIN adaptation remains consistent with both as far as quality and functionality are concerned. At STIN we provide you with high-quality products at affordable prices. Shop now at www.stin.com and transform your space!