April 27, 2021

STIN PK80 Daybed

by stin

Designed in 1957, which has been remained into STIN’s PK80 by Poul Kjaerholn, it is a classical Roman Daybed.

When almost all Scandinavian designers were abstracted with wood, Poul Kjærholm favoured steel, which he thought of as 'natural' material, instead of the same artistic merit as wood and leather. Kjærholm used leather and steel, one of the favourite materials, to create a design icon that is still quite popular today.

The STIN's PK80 Daybed is versatile in use. This padded couch is perfect for an afternoon snooze or provides added seating at a party. The curb weight of the couch is 0.5541 kg, the daybed has a width of 189cm, height being at 33.5 cm, 82 cm of depth, and with a seating height of 30 cm. Finished with premium Aniline Leather, the STIN's Barcelona Style Sofa 3 Seater brings a classic charm to your room. The STIN’s Style Barcelona Sofa 3 is an available choice of colours and leathers to complement your type of décor perfectly.

Its popularity of the STIN's PK 80 is so much that even today, it is used as seating in New York's Museum of Modern Art and indeed connects its place in design history. The STIN is available in both aniline and semi-aniline leather and can be ordered in a range of colours, meaning you easily find a style to match your home decor.