April 28, 2021

STIN Potence Wall Lamp

by stin

A stunning example of French designer lighting is the STIN Potence Wall Lamp. Although Jean Prouve being most famous for his series of table and chair designs, he often brought his eye of a sculptor to bear on elegant solutions for lighting.

The STIN Potence Wall Lamp was designed in collaboration with another great designer, Charlotte Perri and and was built to solve the particular problem of lighting he faced within his own home. Now this beautiful design by Prouve can be seen around the world.

The swing arm of the Potence Wall Lamp offers a versatility that simply can't be achieved with any other piece and has industrial charm. The single metal rod can be extended or swung to achieve maximum coverage, meaning the light is never underwhelming or overpowering. STIN reproduction of this lamp suggested it would enhance any minimal living space.

The STIN Potence Wall Lamp with a metal stand and the overall dimension of the STIN Potence Wall Lamp is Volume m3: 0.0315 kg, Width: 106.6 cm, Height: 30 cm, and Depth: 8 cm.

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