April 30, 2021

STIN Steering Wheel Clock

by stin

With a sleek, understated layout and lightweight sculptural structure, the iconic 1961 Steering Wheel Clock by George Nelson is the picture of classic American style, which is now available at STIN.com. First released in the early 1960s, during one of Nelson's most productive design periods, the Steering Wheel Clock typified one of the legendary American designer's trademark. Nelson using minimal materials to create something, the Steering Wheel Clock genuinely unique.

Consisting solely of a small clock face and a round metal frame, Nelson, on his way to his workshop, had the inspiration for the design while stuck in traffic and began developing that day idea as soon as he got into work. STIN's Steering Wheel Clock is an excellent, cultured colour scheme that allows it to blend into any décor with ease, while its large, eye-catching clock hands make it both comfortable to read and add a touch of Nelson's trademark panache. This is a true Mid-Century classic made by Nelson.

This George Nelson Clock, designed to mirror a car steering wheel, is available in various colours. The prominent aluminium clock structure makes it simple and easy to tell the time effortlessly; along with a clean, crisp aluminium face, the clock is both simple and stunning in equal measure. With ten years of guarantee provided on every product of STIN and more than 300000+ happy customers, you can trust us to give quality products and classic designs for decades.