May 2, 2021

STIN Turbine Clock

by stin

Filled with energy and exuberance, the gorgeous Eye 1957 Turbine clock adds a twist to the idea of watching the clock, which is now available on Not content with simply using an organic or geometric form, George Nelson would combine the two to the devastating effort, carving out a design style that was entirely his own.

The result of George Nelson's inventive mind is one of a number of clocks he designed in the '50s, all of them distinctive, often futuristic and always fun. George Nelson was a designer for whom balance was everything. His most famous pieces are based on marshmallows and coconuts. Almost 150 clocks that George Nelson's designed throughout his shimmering career, the Stin Turbine clock, is too often overlooked thanks to the popularity of the Ball, Blue-Block and Sunburst Clocks.

Made from high-quality copper, it has a quartz mechanism. Having a volume of 0.0787kg and dimension Width: 77 cm Height: 7 cm Depth: 8 cm, the STIN redesigned 1957 Turbine clock adds subtle, vivid colour to space and is the classic accessory to add a final embellishment to a room. With ten years of guarantee provided on every product of STIN and more than 300000+ happy customers, you can trust us to give quality products and classic designs for decades. Visit our website for more information.