May 3, 2021

STIN Verner Panton Flower Pot Table Lamp

by stin

The STIN's Verner Panton-inspired Flowerpot Table Lamp is the perfect product to spice up space. In order to add zest, energy and vigour to even the most minimalist of rooms, opt for our STIN's Verner Panton-inspired Flowerpot Table Lamp.

The designer who was very much a product of his time was Verner Panton; he was heavily influenced by the hippy inclination of the 1960s and the desire to innovate in a playfully subversive way.

Sitting just 18cm tall, this little lamp really packs a punch. To diffuse the light softly around any table it stands on, STIN's Flowerpot Table Lamp consist of two inter-woven shades. The overall dimension of the STIN Flowerpot Table lamp is Volume m3: 0.455 kg, Width: 23 cm, Height: 48.5 cm, and Depth: 23 cm.

And it comes in a variety of colours like red, black, white, yellow, green and blue finishes. Probably there is no setting that the STIN Lamp doesn't look and feels like at home.

The STIN Flowerpot Table Lamp was a classic example of what was seen as revolutionary and is now firmly established as a mid-century design classic.

Along with the apparent 'Flower Power' wordplay, STIN Flowerpot Table Lamp was also a medium for Panton to use his preferred plastic material to create a brightly coloured range that reflected the psychedelic arts scene that was sweeping the world of the late 60s.