March 28, 2021

Stin’s Opala Table Lamp

by stin

Our Stin’s Opala Table Lamp is a distinctive, robust, and lightweight center piece for any dining room or coffee table. Our Opala Table Lamp is a sleek, shimmering iron neck and base sitting at almost 60 cm tall, portraits the perfect picture of understated elegance. The Lamp embraces its subtle beauty with an opaque over-sized shade that allows the lamp to give-out comfortable, bright, and soft light at the very same time and available in two color options, one is brilliant white, and the other is a subtle coffee shade.

Our Stin’s Opala Table Lamp was originally designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1975, whom many still see as one of the finest designers of furniture. He designed a series of three bespoke lamps for the world-famous Hotel Scandinavia located in Copenhagen. The Opala by designer Wegner strives to produce a light that would provide both warmth and brightness.

The opaque shade of the Stin’s Opala Table Lamp, by softening the light, sought the problem of glare above the lamp, while the part that has exposed underside made it the perfect way to add focus to a coffee table of dining sets. Our Opala Lamp from Stin is made with high-quality material with ten years guarantee and be a part of our 300,000+ happy customer family.