March 26, 2021

Stin’s Sofa

by stin

With dynamic lines and angled legs, the high-impact but still compact sofa line-up from STIN makes a stylish statement in any home. The Stin Sofa is iconic, luxurious, and, most importantly, comfortable. The STIN offers sofas for every size and style room, from cozy two-seaters to spacious L-shape sofas, which are large enough for the whole family.

The button adds the texture of elegance and structure to the back-rest- and are available in various striking color to suit your room décor. The color that is available by STIN alone makes a statement. The high-backed foam cushioning and embracing elegant shape make for a medium-firm, well-supported sit. All the Sofa’s from STIN comes with high-quality, tactile fabric. All of the STIN sofas have a classic style which is ideal for those little spaces while being extremely comfortable and stylish.

The Stin’s Sofa collection also presents a unique, luxurious, and ultra durable high-quality leather or cashmere material to match-up your style statement. Now, you can enjoy the elegance of Stin’s Sofa collection in all your favorite spaces year-round with ten years guarantee and more than 300000+ happy customers. Want to see or know more about our sofas? Visit our website and select your beautiful piece of art which will be perfect for your drawing room.