January 21, 2019

The Cavour Desk - Get inspired

by stin

The Cavour desk is inspired by Carlo Mollino. It looks exactly the same as the original. The desk comes with a thick plate glass, light wood grain, and also has multiple storage sections to keep important documents and things in place. The marriage between modernistic approaches and art creates the perfect masterpiece that every house should have. It has unusual angels, straight and curved forms and has elevated compartments which look very distinctive.

  • Exact reproduction of Carlo Mollino's architectural The Cavour Desk.
  • Strong and sturdy glass top.
  • Perfect match for Scandinavian and Italian design traditions.

You must buy the Cavour desk to create the distinctive and professional look for your home office. You can also keep it in your study room too. We will let you decide where you think the Cavour desk will be a perfect fit.

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