February 24, 2019

The Ox Chair Stool - The Epitome of Class and Grace

by stin

The Ox Chair Stool is inspired by Hans J. Wegner and is made with perfect craftsmanship. Made with top grain aniline leather or luxury cashmere, this two in one stool can be used to put your feet or sit on it. Whatever you want it to use it for, bring it to your home to complete the style of your beautiful home.

  • Inspired by Hans J. Wegner
  • This designed is from 1960
  • Made with pure aniline leather or cashmere to bring in that luxurious effect.
  • Available in two different colours- black and brown

Hans J. Wegner was inspired by Pablo Picasso which made him built this iconic Ox Chair in 1960. His perfect craftsmanship can be seen in Ox Chair. The world was not ready for it then, but they are ready now. This chair has with time won many glorious awards.

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