December 6, 2021

The PH5 Floor Lamp Gives the Room a Pleasant Atmosphere

by stin

The PH5 floor lamp is the perfect choice if you are looking for glare-free light. The PH5 lamp is the first choice in Denmark at the moment. The luminaries are designed according to the concept of a reflective awning system to direct the light downwards to avoid glare. The PH5 lamp radiates downward and downward light and is illuminated with two different reflector colors, red and blue, to provide a warm quality of light. Luminaries are available in universal designs and emit asymmetrical distribution of light in the installation area. As is well known, this lamp brings a great atmosphere into the room, regardless of its location, and is also suitable for repeated installations. They can be designed as icons, where special attention is paid to the mounting area and are available in shadow, front, and aluminum colors. Can be used alone in any room or in a series of lights to create more light.