May 9, 2018

Vernon Panton inspired majestic and extremely stylish lamp for your living room

by stin

The Fun floor lamp has been inspired and designed by Verner Panton. Made by Mother of Pearl material the color of the lamp is a peaceful white which looks serene in any kind of setup. This replica of Verner’s 1964 Fun floor series is made keeping in mind the demands of the future. Highly innovative design the lamp is a beautiful placement in your house. Coming with a matching fun table light and pendant the lamp provides a soft lighting in the room. The mother of pearl discs coming with the lamp diffuse the light created and the effect is ethereal indeed. Look of the lamp is classy yet contemporary and never fails to impress people even when it is not lit. With an artistically crafted design and the choice of soft white color Fun floor lamp suffices as the perfect lighting system in your living as well as the bedroom.