May 11, 2021

Warren Platner Dining Table

by stin

Designed by Warren Platner, this STIN’s Warren Platner Dining Table is a result of years of hard work that is creator put in to come with a table of this kind. This is one of the marvels created by Warren Platner. The table top extends to 71cm off the ground that makes it perfect for all kinds of occasion. The steel poles give strength and durability to this unit, thereby allowing you to keep it anywhere you want. With a wide space of 137cm, this table allows a large family to gather at one place and have dinner with enough room for each of them.

The steel wire base of this table gives it a sturdy and quirky look. The platner has been in his trademark design using strong steel wires for the tables. He has always been passionate about creating products that not just symbolize authenticity, but also add an aesthetic to the place they are kept. The casual yet classy design of this table makes it a perfect product for all occasions. STIN is renowned for offering high-quality products with ten years guarantee and has a family of 3000000+ happy customers. Visit our website to see or know more about our sofas.